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Division specializes in the import of cosmetics from countries outside the European Community.

The main objective of our cosmetics division is imported cosmetics and offer companies in our sector, service and management related imports cosmetic and food industry. We propose a simple and easy way to import cosmetics.

In Europe today, a great experience, industry knowledge, licenses and market knowledge is necessary to manage the import of certain products and import of China.

Our division offers our customers, our experience of over 35 years, extensive knowledge of international markets and offices in Asia, for the import of cosmetics to others.

Some of our most representative services:

  • Management of imports of all types of products.
  • Sourcing of manufacturers (makers) in emerging countries.
  • Quality control “in situ”, before shipment.
  • Chemical analysis for cosmetics and food products.
  • Freight service by sea / air.
  • Customs clearance of all types of product.
  • The most internationally relevant import licenses.
  • Storage of large volumes in China and / or Spain.
  • Multilingual team.
  • Experience in importing products from Asia, South America, USA and Africa.

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