In recent years it has become a cult object, a must in every woman’s vanity, a key element beauty of hands and that due to its increasing demand has marked a significant increase in sales.

This time we mean nail polish, which has become one of the most used cosmetics by women of these times.

Since 2008 sales of nail polish grew 43%, by removing the first place to the lipstick, a position he held since the early 30’s innovation capacity of the sector was a factor in the sharp rise in sales, which has resulted in a wide variety of colors and different types of products, such as nail fast, permanent drying or strengtheners, among others.

Part of the phenomenon generated around the beauty of hands manifested in Spain, through the remarkable proliferation of centers specializing in manicures and pedicures, a business model already established in South America, Asia and the United States.

Also, the growth of this sector has given rise to many brands investing in innovative and novel proposals, incorporating vibrant colors, bold combinations and new textures.

The assortment is moving further than monochrome. Nail beauty has become a true artistic expression with new techniques magnetic, the two-tone design, cracked the ‘nail art’, 3D stickers, and other creations, encouraging slowly growing interest of women Always wear a clean, distinct and unique hands.