Since Licencia Cosméticos, Disgol Group, division we continue to expand our list of imports for both products and destinations. This time, in collaboration with Alternative 3 company, we conducted imports of natural soaps and cosmetics rejuvenating Fair Trade, from India.

This new import is an excellent rejuvenating natural soap made with quality products and made by craftsmen in traditional soap makers Palam Rural Cooperative Center, in the state of Tamil Nadu, southern India. With several different scents, all we find that soap that best fits your preferences. Among these aromas we can find the scent of lavender, jasmine, honey, cucumber, cinnamon, mango …

Being a product of Fair Trade and buying help artisans Palam Rural Center have access to decent housing, water, education for their children and health care.

So our division makes possible this process, along with companies such as Alternative 3, thanks to our import license for cosmetic products and their efforts and work. And as always, we guarantee transport monitoring and management of health and customs protocols.