Most relevant licenses

Our cosmetics division is part of an international structure belonging to DISGOL Group.

DISGOL Group is a group of companies from various sectors, located in different continents. This relocation helps us to obtain the necessary licenses in different countries where we operate frequently.

Some of the most used licenses are:

  • Cosmetic License to Export from China.
  • Food License to Export from China.
  • Acrylic with food contact export License in China (SGS CERTIFICATE).
  • Food Certificate for the import of NON-CE Countries (RSI).
  • Import License of Cosmetic Products to Europe from all arond the wold.
  • European agreement with certified laboratories for the analysis of all kinds of product.
  • License of handler cosmetic products.
  • Import license for Medical Products to Europe from all around the wold (Available from spring 2012).

All services offered in China, are guaranteed by the company XIAMEN EURODESINGS CO., LTD, Chinese company member of the DISGOL Group, composed of 100% Spanish capital, composed by native people with more than 10 years of experience in the sector.

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