All those who dedicate yourselves to import and / or export of cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food products, shall know of the difficulties of the process. To manage the importation of certain products, a great experience, industry knowledge, licenses and market knowledge is needed. And we must never forget the importance of a good quality control of the goods, both at origin and destination.

Today, quality control, labeling and product ingredients is a must do at home to avoid problems when the same dispatch and commissioning the market. In this way, we can offer our customers the highest quality of service, regardless of where the product comes from and where it was manufactured. We must also remember that even large companies and brands with the greatest international prestige, whatever your business sector are making in developing countries, so that the difference of offering a product with higher quality, lies in the control of production processes and quality control carried out in origin. It is for this reason that from License Cosmetics, thanks to our experience in international markets and our specialized teams in these tasks, we offer, among other services, the service quality control in imports to countries of the European Community from countries in Asia, South America, USA and Africa.

The main goal of our division, is to help companies import processes cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food products, and also offer a specialized service companies or individuals who for reasons of time, structure or lack of experience imports from countries outside the European Community, they need a company with international structure and vast knowledge of the requirements for imports related to the cosmetic and food industry.