Transport Maritime/air services

Our international experience in the freight of goods by land, air or by sea, makes us able to transport any goods, from anywhere in the world in more competitive terms and guaranteed minimum prices, depending on the needs of each client.

Some of the most used services:

  • Submission of samples of any part of the world for urgent packages, which require special licensing for entry into Europe. These shipments are made by agencies and prime global structures such as TNT Global Express, TNT Economy service, DHL, Seur Internacional…
  • Sending goods by Air freight: The delivery of goods that, for specific reasons, must arrive at their destination with a special deadline, the service can be made for shipments of 100 kilos and 10.000 kilos, and transit times may vary between 4 and 15 days, depending on the place of origin.
  • Sea freight: Control of schedule, loading process at origin, documentation at origin and destination, customs clearance, etc. We use it for loads with a significant volume and that do not require to arrive urgently to their destination. Express services are available, with companies such as MAERSK, transporting containers from Asia to Europe in less than 25 days.

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